[Part Two] The Officialist DMV Music Guide, The Hip Hop Edition

So Part One of The Officialist Dopist DMV Music Guide was amazeballs and we’re not done yet!!! We gave you our top DMV Music Picks and now we’re back with part two the Hip Hop Edition!

The musicians listed here write the soundtrack to our beloved city, they keep us moving, they keep us grooving!

The Chuck Brown Band • @thechuckbrownband • A GoGo Classic

Aahh Ooooh, aaaah, Ooooh, aaaah, Ooooh, Shout out to the old school, party with the beat,

Yusha Asaad • @YushaasaadMusic • Clowns

Look at how they jump around, running all through the town…..Customs on his face and chains on his neck

Motive • @OFFICIALLYmotive • Fake Love

SONG 1 – I’m just trying to stay up like the pigeons, take flight and put on for the district SONG 2- ive been down so long it look like up to me, they look up to me

Subliminal Thought • @subliminal_thought • How High

anybody got a problem tell them they should bring two, bring four, bring more, bring war, cuz aint no tellin what storm I will bring forth, beef as a main course, work our dreams off higher than a G4, passion over pleasure was the living that we feened for.

Pinky Killacorn • @pinkykillacorn • Badu

HOLLUP! I’m llike oh yep or whadeva, Aint I so well put together, purchase my pieces from the thrift so we don’t look like each other

Alfred The MC • @AlfredTheMc • They Call Me Daddy

Despite what the screen say, you know the big butt, the makeup, you inject your chest up to a nice cup just to get your likes up..nah


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