[Washington, DC] Fences Red Carpet Premiere

If you are on the “fence” about seeing the December 25 th nationwide release of

Paramount Pictures major motion pictures “Fences’ starring Actor Denzel “What do

you want people to take away from this film?” was the reoccurring question for two

time Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington, who plays the lead role of

Troy Maxon, as he made his way down the red carpet on during the DC premiere of

Paramount Picture Fences, at the newly opened National Museum of African

American History and Culture. I will admit it was in my question queue too.

As I listened in on Denzel’s answer I began to think how important it is for us come

to your own understanding of what Fences, or any film for that matter, leaves you


Viola Davis exuded the true strength women embody individually and as a

matriarch in their family. She delivered the most emotionally charged scene of the

entire film. It was a delivery not only everyone who sees it can relate to on some

level, but one some women, include myself, have actually delivered at some point in

their lives.

Russell Hornsby, who plays Lyons, the eldest son of Troy Maxon, shared during our

interview, there are threads throughout the movie we can all relate to, but

ultimately the film is about family and the highs and lows one family experienced.

Fences reveals that some blessings don’t always come perfectly wrapped, but will

give life-altering experiences that bless future generations. It is beautiful how a

classic play and artistic work such as fences, created in modern film form will not

only reach millions more it is adaptation to the big screen that it did on Broadway,

but can in so many ways provide healing for families today.

Stephen Henderson shared how he spoke with August Wilson, playwright and

creator of the play Fences, during the last year of his life and asked August who he

was and Wilson shared that he was a revolutionary optimist, because just as the

Maxon’s we will all get through challenging times to see better days.

Fences released on Christmas Day 2016, is a must see and is deserving of its place in

history as the 4 th film to get the top 5. All actors delivered Oscar worthy

performances that will forever be a part of their personal legacy and major motion


Photo Credit: David Needleman/Hollywood Reporter
From left: Adepo, Henderson, Williamson and Hornsby were photographed Nov. 13 at Quixote Studios in Los Angeles. All but Adepo reprised their roles in the film from the Tony-winning Fences revival in 2010.


By Tara Gates Anderson, Business & Lifestyle Editor

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