The Snowball Effect of FX’s Series SNOWFALL


The Washington DC screening of Season 2 of SNOWFALL on FX was as intense as it was amazing. The season 2 premiere did not disappoint and hearing directly from the creator and executive producer, John Singleton, lead actors, Damson Idris (Franklin Saint), Angela Lewis (Aunt Louie) and Carter Hudson (Teddy McDonald) and show writer and legendary author Walter Mosely during the post-screening panel provided us with a deeper look into what it takes to make SNOWFALL comes to life.

Once you start watching SNOWFALL on FX, you won’t be able to stop. So, strap in with plenty of snacks as you fall back into the era that made the invasion of the crack epidemic a legendary story that must be told.  As season 2 opens, series creator and executive producer, John Singleton and the show’s writers beautifully illustrate each character’s elevation into new positions within the Los Angeles drug world.  This season we see characters plunge to new depths to possess money, power and respect.  One of our favorites is Lucia Villanueva, Snowfall’s on the rise drug “Queenpin”, played by Emily Rios. We intently and at times cringe to watch Villanueva as she is willing to sacrifice anything to establish herself as a hardcore player within the ever-expanding LA drug world, even if it means hitting the oh so addictive crack pipe to prove it.

As characters intertwine as the season unfolds we see how each is searching to rise at all costs. With innocence waning and courage rising the cast of SNOWFALL delivers riveting and emotional performances each week. In our book, SNOWFALL is on track to find its way onto FX’s best original series of all time list real soon.

To catch up on season 1 & 2 of SNOWFALL grab your crew, download the app, log on or find your favorite spot on the couch and get cozy because SNOWFALL will tapping your veins for more.

Tara Gates Anderson, MBA, MS Brand Expert

Photos; David Savoy

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