Lekia & Maurice Ross, You’ll never guess who their favorite celebrity couple is… hint hint… HGTV


Lekia & Maurice Ross, Deerwood, MD

She Calls him: Bae Most likely to deliver a first class cuss out: He is Most likely to give a stranger $100: He is as well Next place you want to travel to: Jamaica for a wedding, it’s already booked and paid for! Something you learned about your sweetie since being married: He loves to be the favorite parent. Part of it is great because he’s an amazing dad but the other part is he likes to throw shade if our kids pick him over me lol. Fanciest thing you’ve made lately: Really don’t cook that fancy because we have toddlers who are very picky but they love lasagna so I make that often and hide veggies in it. Favorite Married Couple: Chip and Joanna Gaines What are you getting him for Christmas: Not sure. He’s so hard to shop for because he is so picky.


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