Snoop on Jay & Beyonce’s New Album….[there’s cussing]

photo credit: funksac

So we all know Snoop is The Big Homie and I think it’s so funny that when he talks I find myself wanting to hear his thoughts (maybe because he’s not in the spotlight as much as some others) Maybe it’s because he’s like one of the oldest OG’s still relevant and still playing by his rules yadda yadda… whatever it is … I saw the title SNOOP DOGG REACTS TO JAY-Z & BEYONCE’S SURPRISE ALBUM RELEASE and I just had to click on it!

Here’s what he had to say….ps…if you’re at work [WARNING] there’s cussing …

Photo Credit: Hip Hop News Uncensored

Story by – Quianne Perrin Savoy; Editior-In-Chief

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