Red Pumps For Days…

On June 17, 2017 I  headed off to the Uber Cool recently renovated Kimpton Brand Mason & Rook Hotel & Restaurant to support fellow Media Bosses, Social•ist’s & Social Philanthrop•ist’s.

In attendance was the hilariously outspoken and passionate group of Red Pump Project Founders Luvvie Ajayi and Karyn Lee! The set-up was absolutely gorg and the food was delicious.

Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i, CBS, Executive Vice President Entertainment Diversity shared why it was imperative for CBS to not only participate as the Title Sponsor of the 4th Annual Red Summer Soiree but to get in the fight and show up!  Smith Anoa’i also let her competitive flag fly as she outbid a room full of apparent art-oholics so that she could ultimately donate one of the prized works created exclusively for The Project.   Honoree Jennifer Porter shared a powerful cuff worthy quote that rang true for so many 

When God blesses your neighbor, he’s in your neighborhoodJennifer Porter

Porter reminded the audience of conscious millennials that Black women are naturally selected to survive! Leave it to Luvvie to remind us of why we were there that evening and to remind us that “The Goal of any non-profit is to no longer exist!”

(l-r) Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i, VP Entertainment Diversity at CBS,  Honoree Jennifer Porter & Essence Magazine Sr. Editor Charreah Jackson

Honoree Alicia Sanchez Gill spoke with authority and a contagious kindness which reminded us that HIV involves passion and pain and we have to address that when we talk about HIV and our people!

Gorgeous Red Pump Award for Honoree Alicia Sanchez Gill
Get It Girls! #FunRaise Red Pump Style

We look forward to the Day that Red Pump Society exists only in our memories because it is that day that we know the struggle for inequality, injustice no longer exist and the fight is over! #rockonLadies ps… thanks to the fabulous Jameka Whitten for taking such great care of the Officialist Team and for the dope #Swagbag including my reading material for my flight to #EssenceFest17 

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