Our perfect day with the most expensive car in the world…

Sweptail Edition, with minimalist styling ques, Bespoke and super over the top, just like we like it! We could picture breakfast with the bestie at Cafe Vida, watermelon mimosas and the scenic route up the pacific coast highway, hermes scarf, Camilla lady labryinth kimono and a fat stogie from our fave…lone wolf cigar in Santa Monica!

Who’s in! We wanna know what you think?

Pretty unique Rolls Royce One-Off at the Villa D’Este Concorso. Rumored to cost nearly 12.8 million dollars and four years of design and planning to build. This is an official Rolls Royce car and not built by a coachbuilder or third party.

World’s Most Expensive Car: $12.8 Million Rolls Royce Sweptail

Ciao! Quianne Perrin Savoy, Editor-In-Chief

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