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Olivia Fagon on Growing Up In DC, Pitching Stunts & More!

OLIVIA FAGON; Creative Director Refinery 29

Olivia Fagon Creative Director of Refinery 29 gives us a peek behind the curtain of the production & execution of the Installation headed to DC beginning October 19, 2019. She even gives some great tips for artists who aspire to work with the brand! We love her lessons learned as she talks about the importance of investing in your team and even biases us entrepreneurial women have when hiring! Come for the catchy title & stay for the super relatable, Half Jamaican, Half Irish Girl Boss!

Just another day at the office with Olivia Fagon (l) & Janelle Monae (r)

We thought it would be important to talk about Chicago’s Gun Violence & We knew we needed to build a platform for someone local to have this conversation! – Olivia Fagon on Rest In Power, Rest In Peace Installation

Rest In Power, Rest In Peace Installation Chicago Image Credit: Chicago Suntimes




Local Washington, D.C. artists Trap Bob and Jamea Richmond-Edwards join national tour collaborators

for groundbreaking festival of culture, cause and creativity

The Washington, D.C. interactive event will center thematically around ‘Expand Your Reality’ and will invite guests into a realm of abundant thinking and endless possibilities. Collaborations for D.C. include:
29 QUESTIONS: From the beginning of time, humans have gathered around fires and told stories to one another. Yet our increasingly technological world can sometimes keep us from truly connecting. In this room, guests are invited to step outside of their comfort zone, pull up a chair, and connect with a stranger.
Try 29Rooms’ social experiment and tap into the joy of shared humanity.
A BLIND DATE WITH DESTINY: It is believed we hold the secrets to our deepest selves right in the palm of our hands, we just have to learn how to unravel them. Taking a page from the ancient art of Palmistry,
you’ll embark on a cosmic journey to unpack the mysteries of your fortune by surrendering control and putting your destiny in a stranger’s hands.
A CONVERSATION WITH YOUR INNER CHILD In Collaboration with Carlota Guerrero: In everyone, there lies our inner child. In a time of uncertainty, the world around us can extinguish our inner child’s flame,
and it has never been so important to listen to our inner child and look at the world again with new eyes. In this interactive installation, Carlota Guerrero invites guests to write a message to their inner child and reconnect again. @carlota_guerrero
A LONG LINE OF QUEENDOM In Collaboration with Unbothered: When Black assemblies are seen as threats, Black voices heard as noise, and Black culture something to be co-opted, here marks a space of
tribute. Powerful and soft, queenly and human, an individual and a community; there are a spectrum of truths that make up Black women’s experience. Brought to life by Refinery29’s dedicated platform for
Black millennial women, Unbothered, we invite you to “say her name” or take your place within a long legacy of Black excellence, beauty and achievement.
THE ART PARK In Collaboration with NNEKKAA, Yvette Mayorga, Dan Lam, hanski, Trap Bob: Refinery29 has invited five artists from around the country – one from each tour stop – to transform our geometric
playground into a canvas for creativity. The Art Park explores new ways of showcasing art and creating space at 29Rooms through playful composition and discovery. @yvettemayorga @sopopomo @nnekkaa_ @gdgrlhanski @trapxbob

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