Let’s Get Your Life in 2017 [The DMV Life Coach Guide]

We chose the top 3 new years resolutions to dig a little deeper into to help you get your life in 2017! We’ve got the best of the best Authors, Life Coaches & Fitness Instructors They weighed in and gave us a peek inside their life and inside their thought process! Basically, we want you to slay your new year and we don’t want you to have any excuses! Here’s our Life Coach Guide….Enjoy!


Ebony Ruffin

Ebony Ruffin • Ruffin Consulting Services • Coaching Niche: Financial Advisor/ Licensed Life Insurance Specialist ruffinconsultingservices.com  • @ruffinconsultingservices • New Years Resolution: None, I operate intentionally throughout the year and make adjustments based on the outcome of decisions Biggest Pet Peeve: Lack of loyalty and honesty Something you can do right this second to get #unstuck “Title: Get Out of Your Own Head Directions: Focus on the FACTS not the “”what ifs”” nor your feelings about a decision. List the facts and the pros and cons of decision. Then proceed based on the facts
Objective: Learn to make confident decisions that are fact based.”  Best Restaurant You’ve visited lately: Rose’s Luxury and Red Hen Last Thing You Googled: Bruno Mars 24K Magic Average Time Commitment For Her Consulting Program: 3 Hours Average Investment: $125

Monokia Nance

Monokia Nance • Monokia Brand Management • monokianance.com • @monokia
New Years Resolution: None Biggest Pet Peeve: Blue Pens!
2016 Aha Moment: During April of 2016 we held the 13 Annual Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Conference. With over 100 CEO students and 800 registered attendees I knew GOD was calling us to do more. Like seriously my team was only operating at 60%. What would happen if we all committed at 100%? What would happen if we went to multiple cities? Standing in a room full of empowered, motivated women all declaring Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation gave me the idea and courage to take our event on the road. 6 cities and over 300 women and girls later, it was one of the best things we ever did.
The Last Thing You Googled: International flights from BWI. I plan to travel a lot in 2017.
Coaching Niche: Business and Brand Development
Guiding Principles: I believe in coaching my clients to create a holistic life fully encompassed of prayer, purpose, dedication and joy. Average Cost: $1500

Cheryl Wood

Cheryl Wood • Personal Power Enterprises LLC • cherylempowers.com • @CherylEmpowers •
Coaching Niche:
I am America’s #1 developer of female speakers Biggest Pet Peeve: When people talk about wanting success but want it to miraculously fall into their lap instead of being willing to do the work to achieve it. Cheryl Says Do This Right Now…
“Exercise Title: Why are you waiting to live your dream?
Directions: On a sheet of paper, write out your big dream in life (don’t put any limitations on it, dream big, dream out loud). Then write and answer these two questions: Why am I not pursuing this dream right now? What would I regret about not pursuing this dream if my tomorrow never came? Is this dream connected to the legacy I want to create and the imprint I want to have on the world – if so, why am I making it optional vs. mandatory?
Objective: To identify the real reason you are not walking in your unique greatness and to grant yourself permission to move forward now.”
Coaching Mantra: I don’t give my clients permission to play in mediocrity. There is no excuse for not sharimg your story and your life experiences with the world to free yourself, impact the lives of others, and live in your legacy now. I hold my clients feet to the fire for always moving forward. I Impress upon them that every woman has been gutt-punched by life but those who are remembered are those who keep getting up and fighting back. I want them to make up their mind to be the stubborn fighter who won’t give up or give in Average Program Time: 6-12 Months Average Investment: $13-17K

Sharnikya Howard

Sharnikya Howard • Life Abundantly Coaching • lifeabundantlycoaching.com • @lifeabundantlycoaching
Coaching Niche:
I am a Purpose Coach helping women to identify and walk boldly in their God-given purpose.  Best restaurant you’ve visited lately: Joe’s Stone Crab Last thing you googled: Trying to recall a bible verse about avoiding temptation & being obedient it was 1 Corinthians 10:13 Average Coaching Program: 3 Months Average Investment: $250 Monthly Coach Howard created a powerful exercise created to minimize distractions that are keeping you from rocking out your 2017! visit theofficialist.com for more

Sara Oliveri Olumba

Sara Oliveri Olumba • Sara Oliveri Coaching • saraoliveri.com
Coaching Niche:
 New Years Resolution: I’m not big into New Year’s resolutions, but I usually choose a one word intention for the year. Last year my word was “Spirituality”. 2015 was: “My-Truth,” 2014 was “Tuned-In,” 2013 was “Awe” and 2012 was “Make-Sh*t-Happen.”
2016 Aha Moment: I was walking through the woods with a favorite friend of mine and we were discussing the dangers of using the word “deserve” to speak about what we would like to have in our lives. What makes you so different from other coaches: I have some awesome training – I’m a master life coach, which means I train other people to become coaches. I have a master’s degree in positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. But those things are ultimately not essential. The thing that sets me apart is that I truly believe that it is possible to feel as happy as we want to feel. Average Program Time: 4 Months Average Investment: $300 Monthly

John Haynes

John Haynes III •Regeneration Leadership & Business Coaching • about.me/johnhaynesiii • @johnhaynesiii • Coaching Niche: My coaching niche is LEADERSHIP: Emerging; In-position and transitioning; and the Successful Victim, which is the leader who has climbed the ladder and caught the proverbial carrot, but now desires to be and do more.  I also support organizations and leadership teams.  New Years Resolution: No, While the New Year can be a jump-start, transformation and getting better can’t wait. What sets you apart as a Coach? As a leadership coach and business coach, I combine nearly 20 years of Human Resources experiences, with my listening and advising ability that covers the total aspect of a person from inside out; mentally and spiritually. I focus on the behavioral derailers and obstacles that prevent leaders from even getting to the their respective starting lines. Recommended Program Time: No Less than 4 bi-weekly sessions, Average Investment $750 Per Session

Candice Camille

Candice Camille As seen On Dr. Oz & Founder of the Plank Talk Challenge & FB Group • Candice Camille Enterpises • candicecamille.com • @thewellologist 
New Years Resoulution: not to have one Biggest Pet Peeve: People not making their well-being a priorty Best restaurant you’ve visited lately: As The Wellologist I prefer to cook my own great meal! Last thing you googled: Amtrac and Hotel information in New York. What do you do for “YOU” Time? Spa days, knitting and reading Coaching Niche: building mind equity and body equity simultaneously Coaching Mantra: straight up no chaser attitude as it relates to getting my clients to own their truths and stop pretending not to know what needs to changed Average Time With Clients: 12 Weeks Average Investment: $500

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