Happy Birthday Tupac! & Three Reasons to go see All Eyez On Me…#today


Written by Tara Gates Anderson

First, let me start by saying when you go to see #AllEyezOnMe the #TupacShakur Biopic out Friday June 16th, which would have been Tupac Shakur’s 46th birthday…TRUST ME WHEN I SAY YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THE THEATER THE WAY YOU CAME. When I first heard that a #Tupac #biopic was in the works, I said to myself, they better do it right and it better be good. After seeing All Eyez On Me, I left the screening BLOWN AWAY. The transparent and powerful storytelling developed this film into a cinematic masterpiece that will take you on a journey answering your unanswered questions about Tupac’s short life, his tumultuous rivalries and his unforgettable contributions to the music industry, African American culture and society.

You will we see but you will feel all sides of Tupac that made him the Legend he is. Producer and Founder of Program Pictures LT Hutton director Benny Boom and the entire cast have created a Legendary and Oscar Worthy film, in my book.

LT Hutton co-owns the indie record label “The Program” with Philadelphia 76ers basketball player Elton Brand. Morgan Creek Productions entered into a first-look deal with the newly formed Program Pictures last year. The announcement was made jointly by David Robinson, Senior Vice President of Production at Morgan Creek, and LT Hutton, CEO of Program Pictures. Morgan Creek and Program Pictures produced the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me.

Top 3 Reasons to see All Eyez On Me, 1. Demetrius Shipp Jr. 2 Demetrius Shipp Jr. and 3. Demetrius Shipp Jr. Through my laughs, tears and anger as I watched the film, Shipp delivered a performance that not only let me see, but feel Tupac’s inspiring life story. He will have you Locked In and glued to your seat from his first scene to the last credit that rolls. He melts away into the spirit of Shakur with the intensity of each scene. He is an Icon in the making that places him in the ranks of rising African American millennial male actors and performers on the rise.

Hutton shared that he fought hard for each actor cast in the film and boy will you be grateful he did. Kat Graham, who portrays Jada Pinkett, Skakur’s life long friend and at times an unheard voice of reason gives an amazing performance. Although, she didn’t connect with Jada Pickett herself until the day after she wrapped filming, she brought Jada’s keep it rawness and a genuine sincerity for the undeniably special relationship she shared with Tupac.

Danai Gurira as Afeni Shakur gives you transparent view of the courageousness of a strong black woman and depth of the mother’s love for her children.  Gurira brings to life the deep, nurturing and inspiring relationship she had with her son Tupac. The scenes Gurira and Shipp share as Mother and Son are some of the most moving scenes in the film. From Tupac fearlessly interrupting her purchasing drugs on the street early on in his career to Afeni passionately demanding Tupac to lift his head up high during her visit to him in jail you will see a mother son relationship that was not only strong and sacred, but a relationship that Tupac professes in the film made him into the man he was.
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This film shares a beautiful look inside a life of a cultural icon that will forever live on in our hearts. On June 16th, I am sure All Eyez will be on this riveting Academy Award Contender.



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