Let’s write your book now…matter of fact… let’s write it right now! [Get Your Life Guide]

The Officialist Magazine’s Guide to Slaying Your New Year! 

We picked three common resolutions and went out and talked to the regions best and brightest Coaches! We’re talking Life Coaches, Fitness Coaches and if you’ve been telling everyone your finally going to sit down and write that book well we’re even talking to 7 Published Authors about how to #GetItDone in 2017 #GetYoLifeGuide #BestistLifeEver Enjoy! 

[small_title title="Tressa "Azarel" Smallwood "]Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood • Author • Publisher • Film Producer; Secrets The Movie • tressaazarel.com • @ceoazarel
Latest Book: The Dirty Divorce  Bestseller: Too Many to name, come back to that. How long did it take to write your first book from conception to release: 8 Months When Your Not Writing or working: Very adventurous, I love to jet ski, snow mobile. active activities Advice for Authors who want to get their book done in one year or less: 1- Stop Procrastinating 2- Write an Outline before you begin 3- Write 2,500 words per day 4- Have a goal for a release date in advance  5- Hone in on your craft and study and research your topic  Books Aspiring Authors should read: ” Write your book in 4 weeks”  Written by Tressa Resources for Authors: tressaazarelvipclub.com, The Best Sellers project- an online program for people who want to successfully self-publish a book

Lillian Prince Mitchell • Author • 10DatesLater.com • @mrsmitch2u

Bestseller: 10 Dates Later… How long did it take to write your first book from conception to release: 10 Years Who Was your editor: Stefanie Manns and Leah Lakins Fav Place to write: Anywhere!! I keep a notepad on me at all times in case a joke, or a quick story comes to mind Places you’ve loved lately: National Museum of African American History and Culture. & RPM Italian Advice on getting a book done in less than one year: In the words of Nike, “Just do it”– just sit down and start writing. If you get stuck on certain areas and sections of the book just skip to something else and keep writing, whatever you’re missing you can fill in later. I also suggest that you give yourself some hard deadlines, and find an accountability partner who will call you out when you’re missing those deadlines you set. How about resources for first time authors: Tap into those resources that are right at your fingertips. Professors you’ve studied under, your local librarian. Books Aspiring Authors should have: “From Idea to Published- How to Self-Publish on a Budget” by Ronald Long. I referred to this book throughout my process to make sure that I was on track and not wasting money along the way.

Natasha T Brown • Author, Ghost Writer • Teacher • Author Coach • natashatbrown.com • @natashatbrown

Your Bestseller: 10 Blessings of Betrayal: A Spiritual Journey of Rebuilding through Tragedy  How long did it take you to write your first book from conception to release: Three days to draft; three months to edit, revise and publish. Who Was your editor: Frank Dexter Brown  Advice on getting a book done in less than one year: Start now. Decide your topic, audience, title, and begin marketing while you’re writing. Once you know your title, you can begin to market your book by getting a book cover designed and a synopsis written. Resources for writers: BandDBrand.com if you need assistance writing, outlining or publishing. I also recommend reading other books in your genre to know the market standards. More Trade Secrets: I use Google Keep, which is a note-taking app that associates with your Google accounts(s) and can be accessed from any device. I use this a lot to store thoughts, take notes and write. Google Docs is also very helpful, because you can write on your phone. Many writers have a fear or they get “writer’s block” when they attempt to sit at a computer to write a book. Sometimes, it’s less intimidating to write from your phone. In addition, I use recorders and text to talk apps to help me write. Act like you’re having a conversation with a friend over coffee, and have an app record what you’re saying. That can often become a strong first draft.

Decide your topic, audience, title, and begin marketing while you’re writing Natasha Brown

Safiya Jafari Simmons • Author Walking on Water • leapimprints.com • @leapluncheon

Your Bestseller: Walking on Water: Making the Leap from Employee to Employer How long did it take to write your first book from conception to release: 4 Months Your Editor:  Christopher Ortiz  Places you’ve loved lately: District Motherhued’s Fall Family Festival, my Leap Luncheon Series™, Farmers Fishers & Bakers’ brunch, Butler’s Orchard (Apple and pumpkin picking with the kids!) Biggest Advice for getting a book done: Don’t force it. Yes, it’s important to be focused and organized, but so often we’re told to write at the same time everyday and to follow similar rules. Your story is your story. Your process is your process. Trust both and be open to moments when divine inspiration hits and you’re led to pen your best seller! Best resources for authors: Other authors. Hands down. Learn from their journeys. And if you don’t know, ask them. We’re usually very open with what it took for us to birth our books. Even More Resources: Get a professional author and a professional layout person to make your word processor document into an actual book. Invest in a printer who distributes if you don’t want the responsibility.

Lexi P. • Author of Curlanistas • curlanistas.com • @Curlanistas

Your Bestseller:  Curly Girls Love Your Curls How long did it take to write your first book from conception to release: 8 Months Your Editor: My Mom & Mr. Frank Brown Your favorite moment of 2016: the thing I enjoyed the most was visiting my big brother at Howard and seeing him graduate. Best piece of advice for aspiring authors: Don’t give up. A write something every day. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help. What are some of the best team members for authors: Having a graphic artist and several people to review and edit your book is key. Any cool events for authors coming up: Writing and self publishing work shops are great. In fact I will be hosting some workshops in the near future under my publications company, Books for Cool Kids. Even More Resources: Social media has a lot of pages specifically for authors. All of these groups are great. You can network and learn a lot online.  Curlanistas Was Illustrated by our very own Officialist Magazine Creative Director Traci Baker-Jackson

Rasheem Rooke • Author RasheemRooke.com • @BlackRibisi

Your Bestseller: Black Ribisi How long did it take you to write your first book from conception to release: Two years Who was the editor for your latest book: Kristen James Best advice for first time authors: Write. Write. Write. Your only job is to get a first draft done. Write something that has a beginning, middle, and end. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But once the draft is complete, then through editing and revising, you can make it perfect. But start by sitting down and writing, because you can’t edit a blank page. Best books for authors: I suggest the following books: No Plot? No Problem!, How NOT to Write a Book, The 3 A.M. Epiphany, and How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method. Resources for authors: ODesk, when researching freelance copy editors.

Diallo - Fantae Publishing

Diallo (pen name) • masmagazine.biz • @fantaepublishing
Your Bestseller: 
Seven Days • How long did it take you to write your first book from conception to release: 2.5 months Who was your editor: Myself, I usually do all of mine and several other authors Places you can’t wait to visit again: Busboys and Poets DC, Supano’s Steakhouse in Baltimore, MD Biggest advice for first time authors: Write, Write, Write! Just keep writing because if you stop the process it could take you 2-3 years (2) Get it all out and written down and then you can go back reread and get your thoughts refreshed. Resources for Authors: Apps for Authors – Dragon Dictation, helps put what you say(your speech) into text; Pages, a word processor on your mobile phone exclusively for Apple products.  Also, there are many, many free creative writing workshops. Take advantage! They are the best place to become a writer

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