15 questions with blogger mom Chaunece Woods…because Moms don’t have the time for 21 of them!

Real Life Actually Chaunece Woods

15 Questions with blogger mom, because Moms don’t have the time for 21 of them!

that their mama was a baddie. That their mom could throw down. And that their mom was present in their lives Chaunece Woods

Chaunece Woods. Mother, Wife, Writer are the many stylish hats (or heels) she wears! If one scrolls down Chaunece’s Instagram feed, it’s easy to fall in love with this bold and bright beauty, whose page screams, Real Life Actually! Featured in many of our favorite Mommy platforms, MunaMommy and District Motherhued, we had to get the scoop of Mrs .Woods ourselves!


In the middle of her busy day, darting from work to home, Chaunece hopped on the phone with us to play 21 questions, or 15 because which mom has all the time in the world to get to 21.

Editor: One word that describes Motherhood for you..go!

C.W: Wow!

Editor: What kind of mom are you?

C.W: I am a regular schmegular mom. No seriously, you have your cute stroller, ergo moms. You have your head wrap moms. I’m just a regular mom, k?

Editor: What’s your ‘Me Time’ go-to?

C.W: There’s not one particular activity that rejuvenates me. One day it can be sitting on the couch sipping coffee with baileys, next day it can be staring out the window on a rainy day. Honestly anytime to myself is time to recharge, is exactly what I need.

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Editor: How do mommy & daddy keep the spark going with the kids in the way?

C.W: For us it’s pretty hard, because my husband has been working at night for the four past years. We have a lot of support, a strong village, who takes the kids sometimes for us to plan date nights. And sometimes you got to do what you have to do and play hookie. We get in where we fit in, you know?

Editor: What’s your supermom skill?

C.W: Ignoring crying! *laughs*. I have some whiny kids right now, so as long as they are good, well then go ahead and cry! I don’t want to sound negligent,because I’m certainly not; but let’s keep it real. Moms know kids can cry for no reason, and I have the ability to remain calm in those situations where your kids can be aggy!

Editor: How has motherhood changed your friendships?

C.W: I was the first in my crew to have kids. I think I made it look easy because my husband accommodated my girls’ nights, and my parents were there to support me too. Because of that, I think my friends expected me to be the same Chaunece, hanging out whenever and wherever. They knew I had kids, but I don’t think they got it that life had to change! Now, most of my friends are now moms themselves, so now they get how hard it is to balance taking care of little humans and keeping up with a social life.

Editor: How has motherhood changed your marriage?

C.W:  I was pregnant when I got married so it didn’t change my marriage as much as it changed my relationship. See marriage and motherhood started at the same time, so I don’t think my marriage changed. It does force us to be intentional about our relationship and balancing each other.

Editor: Any regrets or mistakes learned from motherhood?

C.W:    Of course in your journey as a mother you learn what works and what doesn’t with regards to parenting. Not just parenting, but also how you grow as a woman. Definitely not regrets, just lessons learned.

Editor: What do you dislike about motherhood?

C.W:     I dislike the fact that my daughter is a daddy’s girl! *laughs*. Everytime I go to daycare she acts like she doesn’t want me to touch her. She just wants her dad to pick her up.

Editor:  Tell me a funny, “Guess what my kid did”, story?

C.W:     Just one? *laughs*. I think I underestimated how inherently sassy girls can be. I thought it was a learned trait. I’m hanging with Monroe and we’re doing flash cards. So we’re on the letter ‘D’ and she exclaims, ‘Doggy!’! Which was very exciting right? So we get to ‘G’, and she yells out. ‘Doggy!’, again! I explained to her it wasn’t a dog, and she literally looks me dead in my eye, rolls her eyes and smacks the cards out of my hand. Now look, we don’t celebrate sassy kids, but that personality cracked me up!

Editor:    How do you inspire other moms?

C.W:     I try to be as transparent as possible. I started my blog not to make people feel like I’m better than anyone or that I’m super mom, but really to see if my experiences are common and relatable. In my comments section, when I come across a, “Me too!” that is really the greatest reward!

Editor:    What memories do you want your kids to have about their mother?

C.W:     That their mama was a baddie. That their mom could throw down. And that their mom was present in their lives. Judge me I don’t care!

Editor:    Who are your mom roles models?

C.W:     Of course my mom is my mom role model. When I look back now, I’m just in awe of her. She worked a full time job, house was never a mess, and she’s a baddie!!!

Editor:    Do you have a favorite kid?

C.W:     Hahah I don’t! I seriously am grateful I have both a boy and a girl! Carter’s comedic timing is impeccable. Monroe doesn’t have that you know? What she does have though, is her girly girl attitude and I’m in love with it. I’m so glad to know that I have a girlfriend for life in her.

Editor:    Okay. Wine or Coffee?

C.W:      Oh goodness, Wine! Vodka! Baileys! When they’re asleep.

You can join Chaunece’s adventures in boo-loving, mommy hood, passion, and purpose on her blog , Real Life Actually. You can also find her posting adorable pictures of her family on Instagram.

Interview By Mommy•ist, District Motherhued Founder & The Officialist Family Editor – Simona Noce 

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