Let’s Check In With The Duncan’s


Let’s Check in with The Duncans! 


The Forever Duncan hashtag took the country by storm back in October when Alfred Duncan surprised his then girlfriend, Sherrell with a surprise proposal and wedding all in a full day that he called “Servitude Day”. In case you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of Forever Duncan, the story of this spectacular day began with friends and family witnessing the Alfred’s proposal to Sherrell.  He then sent Sherrell on to various locations around the Washington DC metro area, where she got her hair and makeup done and was outfitted in a Black, lace dress that she had actually chosen months earlier. At another venue, all dolled up, Sherrell arrived to the site of her wedding ceremony. Madness ensued and filled up our timelines with this couples beautiful journey. Now two months later #ForeverDuncan still holds a special place to us. The simplicity of just knowing your partner takes on a whole new life thanks to #ForverDuncan and they live on.

On a Tuesday afternoon, as the Duncan’s left the gym, they took the time to speak with me about their love and among other things.

Your wedding was all about servitude. What are the simple ways to show servitude to your boo? Alfred: Cooking or a massage; making sure that certain things are taken care of when she gets home so she can have quiet time; if that means taking care of the kids.

Sherrell: Servitude comes in different forms. Stuff that will humor your partner. One day while drawing with the kids I drew him a picture. The cornier the better, anything that you can do to get your partner out of a serious state of mind and lighten the mood will work.

What are your nicknames for one another?

Sherrell: We will call each other babe and sometimes we will call one another “My Husband” or “My Wife” Before we were married and now he has always called me beautiful. Although it may sound cliché it means a lot. Again, it’s the simple things.

Who is your favorite famous married couple that you admire?

Sherrell: I love Beyoncé so much. She is the only person that I would be star struck if I ever met. I really admire Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s marriage. How they build empires and how they keep their relationship so private; you don’t know what’s really going on with them you just know that they are together.  Whatever is going on with them, they keep it in the house, they fix it and then they move on.

Alfred: My favorite couple is Tamala Mann and her husband. They seem like they have so much fun and they really enjoy each other’s company. They are laughing all the time and are really free together and so I really admire them for that.

What would you tell your 18-year- old self today?

Sherrell: I would tell her (Pauses, Jesus) I would love to have a conversation with my 18-year- old self (laughs). I would tell her to go for it, go for it and take off the mask.

Alfred: I would tell my 18-year- old self to remain positive and know that everything will work out for the good. But because of where I am in my life and how everything has transpired I don’t know that I would want to give myself information that wouldn’t lead to where I am now. I wouldn’t want to change the path that I have taken because at this point I am excited about the journey that I have taken. I don’t think I’d want to tell him anything that would scare him away from that path.

Tell us about a Day in the life of Forever Duncan, what does that look like?

Sherrell: With or without the kids?

Me: Well keep it PG-13 lol (laughs)

Sherrell: We have a 12 and 6-year- old. So I wake up at 4:40 in the morning. I train from 5:00 am-5:20am He gets Blake up and brings him to school, I get Gabby up and take her to school. Then we go through emails and get on calls. Mr. Duncan works on music and we are working on a book, its pretty Chaotic actually.

What are some fun traditions that you do?

We have dance off’s and we sing. We have this alter ego couple that we created called Alfred and Sherrell an old married couple who have been married for a long time. Sherrell can’t stay off social media and Alfred is annoyed by everything that Sherrell does, so it’s basically us in 10 years.



Advice to aspirating authors?

Alfred: Believe that you can do and just do. Once you start writing it’ll happen. Just write and the product creates itself.

Sherrell: Find the time when you are most creative and go hard during that time. Don’t force it. I wrote when the spirit was speaking through me and I had to pray and also check your motives.

The Officialist:  Tell us about the process of writing your book?

We both finished writing a book and found out that we were both writing books through our publicist Natasha.

Sherrell: We had already been journaling our thoughts. I would always jot down my thoughts most of them would be my prayers and thoughts to God and trying to get my life together. The book is completely transparent. Things people would never talk about to their families or friend’s things people would take to their grave. We talk about things people tend to hide from people who could possibly help them. Issues so deep down that carries over to relationships and doesn’t allow them to be the full potential of a woman; a wonderful wife or girlfriend. We dig deep into the past especially with Addiction, Temptation, Control and Insecurity. It gets really deep. We include God the entire time. We were both having an affair with God but not a full-blown relationship. Available on Amazon on December 10 th

Alfred: My best man and I share some of the same views of what we think manhood is and our opinions of manhood are different from our peers. So my book is called “Man Uplifting”. Challenging other men and the misconceptions from popular culture. We ask them to take on our ideas or come up with their own, rather than being influenced by what you are told you should be. Everything around you is influenced by something else and it doesn’t have anything to do with what’s in your spirit or with your relationship with God. We are challenging the misconceptions of manhood currently floating around in society and encouraging people to do something different. Available on Amazon on December 10 th

The Officialist:  Are there any local music artists that you’re interested in that we can go support today?

Sherrell: My husband is an artist and has a song on iTunes called “They call me Daddy” He just found out today that he is Grammy nominated for the second time.  He can be followed anywhere on social media @AlfredtheMC

There is Cooking or a massage; making sure that certain things are taken care of when she gets home so she can have quiet time.


Article By Bridal•ist Editor Jackie Nassy

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