[Part Three] The ill•ist DMV Music Guide Evah! The R&B Edition

The DMV Music Guide is So nice, we had to do it three times! 

The DMV Music Scene is on fiyah! The talent pool is so impressive! We’ve got your mainstream, Hip Hop & now here’s the R&B Edition of our DMV Music Guide.

Below you’ll find our top picks along with a fun little lyric from each one.

Make sure to check them all out and go find their soundclouds, and itunes! They’re worth it! Thank Us Later!

Must’ve forgot, that I’m always thinking of you baby, must’ve forgot, aint gotta see you to love you baby! Must’ve forgot, must’ve forgot- Reesa Renee

She Uno • @she_uno • Still Around

LINE 1- No ending when we barely getting started, back biters got more sting than hornets out in charlotte 

Tamara Wellons • @tamarawellons • Pretty

Stories seem to never come out right when it comes out my mouth, when it comes out my mouth, is this the only way you hear>? watch my fear as I tell it all 


Reesa Renee • @reesarenee • Reminder

Must’ve forgot, that I’m always thinking of you baby, must’ve forgot, aint gotta see you to love you baby! Must’ve forgot, must’ve forgot,

Soundz Of RnB • @soundzofrnb • Stay

I’ll give up everything cuz you are my life, my wife, my queen. I can’t go on without you here with me. LYRIC 2 – Up and down, round and round we go, and I ‘m tired of this mess, tell me what I have to do to get back to you. 

Davonne D’Neil • @Davonnedneil • DysFunctional

We fuss and fight been thru it all, it’s all love…. I don’t know… Apologies, all I give, to get us back, guess I’ll give in LYRIC 2 – So here I am at the very end trying to put all o f you behind me, but I can’t let it go, I can’t let you go, LYRIC 3 – This thing we’ve got going is crumbling, it’s crumbling

Chelsey Green • @Greenviolinist • The Chelsey Green Project

Groove Ready

Still Green: The EP

Kayla Waters • @iamKaylaWaters • The Apogee Album

Your Heaven Is Here


Ellis Lambert • @iamelamberts • Nothin 2 Say

You and me will never be, tired of playing games, It’s best I leave, No more nothin

Oddisee • @Oddisee • The Odd Tapes

Right Side Of The Bed

Musinah • @Musinah • Gorgeous

Your my favorite place to play, your my favorite place to stay, your my favorite place to cry, even though you only give me reasons to smile


FunSho • @funshomusic • Tonight

Be Patient, I Promise it’ll be amazing! She likes to keep me waiting…I don’t mind waiting for it but girl you know it aint fair

Marcell Russell • @marcellthevoice • Abuse My Mind

I’ve got baggage for days, tried to hide it away, but you took the time to help me unpack; and from the choices I’ve made, I’m surprised that you stayed, had to take the time and thank you for that Gets hard to notice when your speaking or when it’s simply noise, cause I’m feeling half like a man and half like a boy! 


Frank Sirius • @Frank Sirius • My Sunshine

That night i almost cried, and now my friends say that I’m such a lucky guy to have you in my life…

Patrice Live • @Patrice_Live • No Leftovers

Saying all the things I used to want to hear, Where were you when I needed you, Coulv’ve saved me but you made me look like a fool

Culture Queen • @imculturequeen • Shake Shake Shake

LYRIC 1 – When I say shake your head, shake your head, When I say shake your hips, shake your hips…..I like my nose I can smell my toes, LYRIC 2- I like my lips, I can give you a kiss , I’m Mindful, I’m Wealthy, I’m Organized, Im Noble, I’m Greaftul, Im Global


Rue Pratt • @ruepratt • Chocolate

If you were blessed with the one you’d never look at another, I’m so grateful to have you around… Cause when I’m down you lift me up like the clouds

April Sampe • @aprilsampe • The Ugly One

True Story, Or Like a dream or something, Alot of people say that I just don’t fit the mold

https://aprilsampe.bandcamp.com or check out DTLR Radio’s Station featuring Ms. April Sampe

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