Made In DMV Music Gift Guide The Cool•ist gift guide evah!

It’s so impersonal to buy gift cards as Christmas gifts right??? Well maybe not…

All the artist on the next few pages are DMV approved bonafide beet your feet, clap your hands, party starters, melody makers, trend setters at the top of their game. ! They are all available on itunes and they’re all from the “AREA” So have fun trying to figure out which lyric goes with whch artist then head on over to iTunes and get busy curating your own best of list featuring  all of the hometown faves!  #DMVMUSICGUIDE #COOL•ISTMUSIC

Wale • @Wale • Groundhog Day

Battling anxiety and privately them percocets
Purchased like 30 of them, murdered them in like 30 hours
Weight of the world on my shoulders bet I military press – Lyrics from Groundhog Day

Traci Braxton • @TheRealTraciBraxton • Crash & Burn

If I fall then let me fall, I will be shooting for the stars. But if you bring me down to earth it’s all good. – Lyrics From the song Crash & Burn 

Carolyn Malachi • @CarolynMalachi • Alright

If no one listens to you, You can talk to me, If someone’s lying on you, you can trust me, If they try to make you weak, if you need someone on your team – Lyrics From the Song “Alright”

Kevin Ross • @KevinRossMusic • Long Song Away

Not so fast, you can lose control…I know we live in the now but we can set our own pace, take my hand and we can slow dance… – Lyrics From “Long Song Away” 

Chaz French Music • @ChazFrenchMusic • Struggle

Cuz I done been thru it all, and I done seen far more than the usual….Don’t ever let em tell you what you don’t know, tell me something I don’t know – Lyrics from the song “Struggle” 

Niko Khale • @NikoKhale • Grind

I don’t have to supply the proof, I didn’t have to go buy the goose, Got upset about being me, then imagined If I was you. I was mad about 5’8 but I couldve been 5’2 – Lyrics From the song “Grind” 

Yanna Crawley • @YannaSoulSings • The Promise

See The Power Of A Dream it changes things, So Im standing here, standing my ground, thanking you Lord for the purpose I’ve found – Lyrics From The Song “The Promise” 

The CrossRhodes • @CrossRhodes368 • America

Pinky Signs, Protest Lines, Silent Nights & Police Lights, Body Bags WIth no remorse just point & SHoot bang bang – Lyrics From the Song “America” 


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